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Wenn C.I.A. Agenten per Skype miteinander kommunizieren. Das geht auch nur in einer TV Serie. (Product placement?) #Homeland
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Emma MargaretEmma Margaret:
RT @ModernEmma: So much product placement in Homeland; I can't even! #MyFavourite
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Emma SadonickEmma Sadonick:
So much product placement in Homeland; I can't even! #MyFavourite
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@andygreenwald I'd like to think there's product placement potential in your posts. Can Dana Brody be the Cheetos residue of Homeland?
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Kent FenwickKent Fenwick:
The product placement in Homeland is over the top, subtle and genius.
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Randy WaltonRandy Walton:
Cool to see @TimHortons product placement in a Season 2 #Homeland episode. #DoubleDouble
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Jonathan LibovJonathan Libov:
@dannysullivan When Homeland’s Brody called the head of Al Qaeda on *Skype*, they blew the doors on anti-product placement wide open
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The product placement in Homeland is drones, they are being well marketed here.
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What's the deal with all the fake Windows logo laptops in Homeland? Great product placement with fake products.
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Roel HermansRoel Hermans:
Mooie product-placement van Amstel light bier in #Homeland S1E4. Hoeveel zou zo'n grapje nu eigenlijk kosten?
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Tracy LightfootTracy Lightfoot:
Starting season 2 of #Homeland. Loving it a lot, but on the down side, the product placement is out of control.
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Julie LesageJulie Lesage:
The product placement in Homeland is so weird.
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Get that product placement Dasani! #Homeland
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That tombstone pizza product placement was extremely tacky , #homeland . And how could brody have ordered pepperoni, when it contains pork!?
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Josh AbramsJosh Abrams:
RT @DavidPayneSAP: Nice product placement #emc. Homeland TV show runs EMC
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