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Ben X (2007)

Get Out (2017)

Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

Phil: I've made games before. But I've never produced an entire game from A to Z. For commercial release on a real platform. With Microsoft. I've never done that before. It's terrifying.
Tommy: There's nothing we can do except blame Microsoft and then, never ever work with them again.
Lazer Team (2015)

Only Human (Seres queridos) (2004)

Gloria: Did Bill Gates program this woman, or just those clouds?
PrĂȘte-moi ta main (I Do) (2006)

Woman on blind date: Excel, Word, Microsoft Office, Power Point...
Sidewalls (2011)

30 Rock: Black Light Attack! (2010)

Jenna: I've had a full life. Oh, the things I've seen. The first Clinton administration. The Nagano Olympics. Microsoft Windows '95. But I'm 41 now.
30 Rock: Chain Reaction Of Mental Anguish (2010)

Donald: I got other ideas. Like a microbrewery that also serves frozen yogurt. I'm gonna call it "Microsoft."
Action: Re-enter the Dragon (1999)

Wendy: I've got Windows 98.
The IT Crowd: Bad Boys (2010)

Jen: I just want you to install a browser.
Roy: That's the browser there. Look at it. That's the browser. Internet Explorer is a browser. Behind the picture of the lady. The lady's not supposed to be there.
Jen: Oh, her. She's only there sometimes. But what, what's the bro-- the, the E. But that's the button for the internet Roy.
Bomb Disposal Guy: I'm just having a couple of problems with it.
Moss: What kind of operating system does it use?
Bomb Disposal Guy: It's uh, Vista.
Moss: We're going to die!
The IT Crowd: The Dinner Party (2007)

Roy: Oh, Peter, I got that link for the Firefox extension you were asking about. What's your email address?
Peter: Do you have a pen and paper?
Roy: I'm recording.
Peter: It's "".
The IT Crowd: The Final Countdown (2010)

Roy: Listen, Allister, I just wanted to say, I'm not a window cleaner. No, no. I work in IT. Yeah, yeah, with computers and all that. Macs? No, I really just work with Windows.
New Girl: Neighbors (2012)

Schmidt: I'm like Snow Leopard. You guys are like DOS.
The Office (US): The Fire (2005)

Ryan: Why have people been rethinking the Microsoft model the last few years.
Suburgatory: Friendship Fish (2012)

Tessa: It's a tablet, Lisa. A really versatile tablet, with a full sized U.S.B. port and an integrated kickstand, and a really sizable hard drive.
Tessa: There is one thing this tablet can't do.
Lisa: Pick up tampon applicators in the park?
Tessa: Okay, two things.
Under the Dome: Force Majeure (2014)

(In reference to a Microsoft tablet)
Norrie: There's only so much fake-ass fan mail from wannabe dome groupies that I can read before I barf all over this wonderful piece of machinery.

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