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Coca Cola

Across the Universe (2007)

Singers: He got monkey finger he shoot Coca-Cola.
Apenas o Fim (2008)

Tom: If only I'd thought about that, maybe I would have broken up with you after the first time, and you never would have known what it's like to have Ruffles and Coke for breakfast.
Tom: I drank Coke from a feeding bottle until I was eight.
Coca Cola
Baby Mama (2008)

Band of Outsiders (1964)

Odile: You-hav-ing-what? Co-ca-Co-la. It doesn't rhyme.
Coca Cola
Barcelona (1994)

Bernie (2011)

The Black Tent (1956)

Ali: If you were thinking of asking me, Colonel, I would tell you this place is a dump they know from nothing. Give me good clean living and Coca-Cola any place. The girls here don't appreciate an educated man.
Branded (2012)

Bob: Listen, you guys are starting up a democracy over here, but democracy isn't just about switching governments. It's about -- It's about business. It's about advertising. It's about Coke versus Pepsi.
Bullitt (1968)

BuzzKill (2012)

Coca Cola
Cashback (2006)

Compliance (2012)

Cop Land (1997)

Coca Cola
The Dish (2000)

Disturbia (2007)

Drive (2011)

The Family (2013)

Maggie: Sweetheart, couldn't you have got something else other than Coke?
Warren: Why? This is what they expect from us.
Maggie: What, Coke?
Warren: No, American slop. Fatty, greasy Yankee chow.
Footloose (2011)

Gator (1976)

Gog (1954)

Coca Cola
Good Bye Lenin! (2003)

Denis: Today Gunter Mittag... the party central committee's economics minister... visited Coca-Cola's offices in West Berlin.. to negotiate details of an agreement between Coca-Cola Corporation... and the people-owned drinks factory in Leipzig. West Berlin authorities tried to prevent our team from filming. Capitalist press censors desperately seek to hide... the mighty Coca-Cola Corporation's humiliating defeat in patent litigation... with our factory in Leipzig.
Denis: At last, an international panel of scientific experts confirmed... that the original recipe for Coca-Cola was actually developed... in East German laboratories in the 1950s.
Christiane: Coca-Cola is a socialist invention?
Alex: Ariane was refusing to be my sister in arms... the class enemy was raising the Coke flag... and a west wind whirled Mother's East German money around.
Coca Cola
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Harold: I want 30 Slyders, 5 French fries, and 4 large Cherry Cokes.
Kumar: I want the same, except make mine Diet Cokes, Chuck.
Helvetica (2007)

Independence Day (1996)

David Levinson: See that ah Coke can on top of the alien craft.
The Institute (2013)

Jeff: People would totally willingly accept that there was a Coca-Cola or a McDonald's or a Kool cigarette billboard right outside their home or their schools, but they would be upset by the fact that somebody did a piece of street art there.
The Invention of Lying (2009)

Bob: Hi, I'm Bob. I'm the spokesperson for the Coca-Cola Company. I'm here today to ask you to continue buying Coke. It's the drink you've been drinking for years. If you still enjoy it, buy it again soon. It's basically just brown sugar water. Haven't changed the ingredients much there's nothing new about that. Changed the can around a little bit, though. The colors are different and we've added a polar bear so the kids like us. Coke's very high in sugar. Like any high-calorie can lead to obesity in children and adults. That's it, it's Coke. It's famous, everyone knows it. I'm Bob. I work for Coke. And I'm asking you to not stop buying Coke. That's all. It's a bit sweet. Thank you.
The Jerk (1979)

Kabul Express (2006)

Suhel: It's Coke!
Jai: No, it's not coke.
Suhel: What? It's Coke.
Jai: It's too sweet, it's Pepsi.
Suhel: What's the difference? They are both the same bloody thing.
Jai: What's the difference? Why are you so vague in life? Imran Kahn and Kapil are the same thing! Coke and Pepsi are the same thing! Jessica listen. You are an American. Can you tell us if this is Coke or Pepsi?
Jessica: I don't drink either.
Jai: You don't drink Coke? What sort of American are you?
Jessica: A sensible sort.
Imran: The war is all about this the Americans will do anything to sell their Coke and Pepsi. This is exactly what they do. Suck all the oil out of a country and then fill it with Coke and Pepsi.
Jessica: Why's he yelling at me? I don't even like Coke or Pepsi.
King Kong (1933)

Mac and Me (1988)

Coca Cola
On The Beach (1959)

Dwight: I'll have to stick to Coke. You have whatever you like.
Dwight: Window shade tugging on a Coke bottle.
Paul (2011)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Jules: It could be God stopped the bullets, or he changed Coke to Pepsi, he found my f--king car keys.
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

Pietari: The real Santa was totally different. The Coca-Cola Santa is just a hoax.
Red (2010)

Red State (2011)

Abin: You just let us clean it up and I won't send any pictures of you to the missus, or The Courier those image of how you like to use that mouth. I don't mean stuffing it with Moon Pies and Coca-Cola.
The Road (2009)

Roxanne (1987)

Dr. Dave Schepsi: Have you ever thought that you born with this nose for a reason.
Charlie: Oh yeah like opening coke bottles.
Sahara (2005)

Self/less (2015)

Sidewalls (2011)

Coca Cola
Simple Men (1992)

Coca Cola
Smoke Signals (1998)

Velma: Hey, girl, we don't drink no more. Remember?
Lucy: That's right, ain't it? Well, give me a Coke.
Velma: There you go, Lucy-goosey. Have a Coke, eh?
Up in the Air (2009)

Craig: Coke and IBM have been doing this for years, all right. Are you familiar with them?
Volunteers (1985)

Coca Cola
The Wages of Fear (1953)

Jo: That's right! Good luck! Coca Cola! Some deal!
WarGames (1983)

Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)

Hunter: Coke adds life. It's the real thing.
Wild Tales (2014)

Yesterday (2019)

Sheila: I brought you a Pepsi.
Jack: Have we not got any Coke?
Sheila: What?
Jack: Coca-Cola?
Sheila: I don't know what you're saying.

30 Rock: Cutbacks (2009)

Jack: The days of your wild coke parties are over.
Liz: Well, if by "Coke," you mean "sodas"...
Jack: I do. It's really bad.
Coca Cola
Dead Like Me: Sunday Mornings (2003)

George: He used to let me drink Coke at breakfast.
George: I wondered if he had a coke for breakfast when I wasn't there.
The Office (US): Drug Testing (2006)

Pam: Jinks. Buy me a Coke.
Jim: oh.
Pam: No no no. No talking. Jim is not allowed to talk until after he buys me a Coke.
The Office (US): Weight Loss (2008)

Oscar: All I had this weekend to eat was a chicken breast and a case of diet Coke.
Coca Cola
Psych: Dis-Lodged

Shawn: I know where the top is. You could a just pointed. Now there's Coke all over everything.
Revolution: Ties That Bind (2012)

Miles: What do you think will happen if Monroe figures out that necklace?
Aaron: I don't know. He will turn the lights on and buy the world a Coke?
Saturday Night Live (SNL): Robert Klein/Bonnie Raitt (1978)

Pete Dionasopolis: No Coke - Pepsi.
True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire (2008)

Sookie: Some vampires like to keep a human around for sex and blood. I'll get your Cokes.

2/8 Life: Episode 2 (2008)

Angela: I'm going to get a Diet Coke.
Angela: Like Diet Coke. I've been having Diet Coke for breakfast.

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